About KLMM

Time:2014-06-25  Source:KLMM

The Key Laboratory of Mathematics-Mechanization (KLMM) is a research group within the Academy of Mathematics and System Sciences (AMSS) in the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS),  Beijing, China. 

The founder is Professor Wen-tsun Wu.

The current director is Professor Lihong Zhi

The primary goal of the Key Laboratory of Mathematics-Mechanization  is to integrate and develop theories, algorithms and softwares for automated reasoning, cryptographic and coding theory, differential and difference equationsin mathematics physics, geometric constraint-solving, polynomial equation-solving,
symbolic computation and hybrid symbolic-numeric computation.

Main research interests of our lab include:

1.   Automated theorem-proving in elementary and differential geometry

2.   Computational differential and difference algebra

3.   Clifford algebra and geometric algebra

4.   Computer-aided geometric design

5.   Symbolic integration and summation, Wilf-Zeilberger  theory

6.   Solving polynomial equations by exact methods (e.g. the the Ritt-Wu method, Groebner bases, resultants, etc)

7.   Solving polynomial equations by hybrid symbolic-numeric methods (e.g. structured matrices, approximate factorization)

8.   Theoretical and algorithmic research in cryptographic and coding theory

9.   Symbolic methods in nonlinear differential equations

10.  Mathematical chemistry and biology.