Symposium on Curves and Surfaces in Computer Aided Geometric Design

Time:2014-11-27  Source:KLMM

Symposium Description:

The symposium is aimed at bridging between people who are working theoretically on curves and surfaces in algebraic geometry and those who are endeavoring to seek for suitable modeling forms of curves and surfaces in Computer Aided Geometric Design. Therefore, the symposium includes wide-ranging topics on curves and surfaces from classic theory aspects to their applications in modern industry. The forms of curves and surfaces consist of but are not limited to: algebraic curves and surfaces, parametric curves and surfaces including NURBS as well as triangular surface patches.


Time:August 10-14,2015 Beijing



Xiaohong Jia & Jin-San Cheng

Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences



Ron Goldman Rice University, US

David Cox Amherst College, US

David Levin Tel-Aviv University, Isreal
Carlos D’Andrea
University of Barcelona

Myung-Soo Kim Seoul National University

Gershoon Elber Israel Institute of Technology

Jerome Hoffman Louisiana State University

Haohao Wang Southeast Missouri State University

Rachid Ait  Haddou King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia

Xiaohong Jia Chinese Academy of  Sciences

Jin-San Cheng Chinese Academy of  Sciences

Hongwei Lin Zhejiang University