The International Summer School on Mathematics Mechanization

Time:2015-08-25  Source:KLMM

The International Summer School on Mathematics Mechanization was held in August 17-21, 2015 at AMSS of CAS, Beijing. This summer school was organized by Key Laboratory of Mathematics Mechanization, CAS, and was sponsored by the Center for Outstanding Researches of AMSS.

The five invited lecturers are Carlos D'Andrea (Univeristy of Barcelona, Spain), David Cox (Amherst College, USA), Erich Kaltofen (North Carolina State Univeristy, USA), Manuel Kauers (Johannes Kepler University,Austria), Michael Wibmer(RWTH, Aachen University, Germany).The topics of the summer school include symbolic computation, symbolic-numeric hybrid computation, algorithmic theory of linear differential and difference equations, computational algebraic geometry, and Galois theory of difference equations. Around 100 PhD students and young researchers from ten different top university of China and some research institutes attended the summer school. This school provides a good opportunity for students to enlarge their knowledge on the topics above and a place for them to talk to experts and exchange their ideas.

The webpage for the summer school: