(2016.12.06 09:30am N420)Bin Han(University of Alberta):Multidimensional Wavelets and Framelets

Time:2016-12-01  Source:KLMM

 Title         Multidimensional Wavelets and Framelets 

       Speaker      Bin HanUniversity of Alberta

Time&Venue 2016.12.06  09:30am  N420

      Abstract: One of the current active research directions in wavelet analysis is on multidimensional wavelets and framelets, which are of interest for high-dimensional problems such as image processing and computer graphics. The study of multidimensional wavelets and framelets is closely related to multivariate Laurent polynomials, algebraic geometric, symbolic computing, and symmetry groups. In this talk, we first introduce some basic theory on multidimensional wavelets and framelets. Then we shall present some recent progresses on their constructions. Next we shall discuss some major tools and techniques used from other areas in mathematics for the study of multivariate wavelets and framelets. Finally we shall address some difficulties and challenges on the construction of multidimensional wavelets and framelets as well as some open problems on this topic.