(2019.07.19 16:30pm N224)Yue Ren:Computer algebra in mathematical biology

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Title                 Computer algebra in mathematical biology

Speaker           Yue Ren (Max Planck Institute Leipzig)

Time&Venue   2019.07.19  16:30pm  N224

Abstract::        In this talk, we give a brief and introductory overview on two recent applications of computer algebra in mathematical biology.We study the process of ligand binding. In biology, a ligand is a substance that reversibly binds to a target molecule to serve a bigger purpose. A classical example is oxygen, which binds to hemoglobin to be transported through the bloodstream. One intensely studied object in the context of ligand binding is the titration curve, which describes the saturation of the target molecules in relation with the ligand activity, i.e., the oxygen saturation of blood in relation to the oxygen concentration in the ambient space. Using computer algebra, we will determine how many distinct molecules give rise to a (generic) binding curve, and explore the concept of cooperativity.

This is is joint work with Nidhi Kaihnsa, Johannes Martini, Mohab Safey El Din, Jacinta Torres.