(2021.12.07 10:00-11:00)Tsakiris Manolis:Resolution of the Product Ideal of a Subspace Arrangement

Time:2021-12-03  Source:

TitleResolution of the Product Ideal of a Subspace Arrangement

Speaker Dr. Tsakiris Manolis(ShanghaiTech University)

Time&Venue 2021.12.07  10:00am  Tencent Meeting787-756-901

Abstract A subspace arrangement is a finite collection of subvector spaces of a finite-dimensional vector space.To this arrangement one can associate the product or the intersection of the vanishing ideals of the individual subspaces, and the two ideals are closely related.This talk will describe the irredundant primary decomposition and the graded minimal free resolution of the product ideal, in terms of a discrete polymatroid associated to the subspace arrangement.This is joint work with Aldo Conca.